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Competition rules:

​It´s about time to start recording and editing short movies for this years Nordic Elemets Film Festival, NEFF!

- The festival takes place at Bore, Jæren the 6-8 of September.
- Anybody can participate.*
- The winner gets 5000 NOK and nice stuff will be handed out to pretty much everyone who delivers a movie.
- The movies will be judged by an independent jury where everyone give their personal points based on over all impression. The variety among the judges is huge, so the focus of what to look for in the movie will differ!



It's FREE to register your film. You only need to buy a ticket to attend the festival


All parts of the movie must be recorded in Scandinavia, which also include Finland, Iceland, Denmark, Greenland and Færøyene
The film has to content one or multiple of the following actionsports: Surf, Stand Up Paddling, Kite, Windsurf, Ski, Snowboard. If you practice any other sport and want to participate, you can always ask us.
If the music you use is copyrighted, you must have a permission to use it
We do not want to see intentional advertising
Date recorded:
The clips must be within the period of September 2018 till August 2019
The movies can not be any longer than 8 minutes
The quality of the movies must be 1080/full HD or higher
Last register date:
Deliver movie before:
Number of participants in one team:

- A representative or team member for the film must attend at the prize ceremony
- By entering the competition, you give Nordic Elements the rights to show your film on their own Vimeo and You Tube channel
- You are not allowed to upload your movie on your own or other social media platforms until 30
days after the film festival.