Hi Im Richard Newman

I was born and raised on the Isle of wight of the south coast of the UK. I grew up with my toes in the sand and salt air in my lungs sailing, surfing and skateboarding. Once I was done with my school years I left the UK and ive never moved back. When I turned 18 a left to live in the French Alps and that’s the day I became addiction to snowboarding and mountain life. From there i moved and based myself in new Zealand on the south island, spending my summers working and surfing and my winters snowboarding or surfing in Indo, Australia and the Fijian islands with the odd trip to south America.

10 years later I found my way back to Europe and the French alps. I spent my winters working as a chalet manager in the evenings and snowboarding all day, in the summer id head south working on private boats in the south of France and surfing around Biarritz and Hossegor. From there I ended up land locked in Copenhagen then 10 years ago I ended up here, In beautiful Norway. Jæren is the place I call home and I love it here. Last year I came up with a idea to start a film challenge including all the sports we get to do here. So I asked a group of my friends that live near Jæren that share the same passion for life and live the true meaning of stoke as I do, if they would like to help me. So from that day. Nordic Elements was born. We do this as we want to bring people together and help motivate people to share there passions, share there memories and help spread some good vibes into each others lives.