Hola I’m Helle.

I don’t speak spanish, but I do love to enjoy the Nordic elements, with a board or skies under my feet. Add a piece of good friends on top of that, and that’s what I live for.

As a kid I used to spend a lot of time in the winter,at my family's cabin. With no ski lifts in the area, I walked up the hill, carrying the snowboard in my arms and rode down. I could do if for hours. Every day. Then I realised it was something called kite. It could pull you up the mountain, or in to the waves. I was hooked. I wanted to spend more and more time in the ocean. Started to surf, for those windless days. Startet to SUP for explorations. Freediving to spend some time under the surface, and get food on the table. Now we started the Nordic Elements filmfestival, to share all yours and ours experiences, adventures and explorations in these elements together. Hope you will share it with us to!