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Hello, my name is Tine Simi. 

Grown up by the sea, and always missing it when I live too far away from it. So, in 2018 I decided to move from the big cities and park my home down by the beach here on the beautiful West Coast. Simple living with good friends, close to nature and the sounds of waves. Often living away from nature the last 10 years hasn’t made me an expert in any sports, but I never get tired of trying. 

As a result of some failure in the sports I started doing yoga when I was 16 years old to recover from an accident. It helped me then and still keeps me moving and stay focused. I love teaching yoga and proud to say I’ve been a certified teacher since 2017.

I love to challenge myself, and for me there is no better place then by the sea or in the mountains, together with good people! 

So, join the gang! And hope I see you at the festival.